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Soyeon Kim

Soyeon Kim

1971 (b. Buchon,Keonggido)

Activity Korea, Frankfurt,Germany
Academic ability 1999 Masterstudent of Prof.Kirkeby,Staedelschule,Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste,Frankfur/Germany
Genre painting, drawing
Keyword Boundary of dream and reality,Unconscios memory,Fear or anxiety,Hybridity
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  • Butterfly

  • Mysterious Book

  • Walk

  • Untitled

  • Mental theate

Artist Profiles

1999 1999 Masterstudent of Prof.Kirkeby,Staedelschule,Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste,Frankfur/Germany
1999 Painting and Graphic,Prof.Kirkeby,Staedelschule,Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste,
1998 Excange Student, Glasgow Fine Art School, Glasgow/Scotland
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Born in the Air, POSCO Art Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Soyeon Kim Solo Exhibition, Weibang Gallery, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Into Drawing 4, Soma museum, Seoul, Korea
2007  Finger Tree, Window Hyundai gallery, Seuol, Korea View Exhibition
  Room. Nr.1425, Perpetuel Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
2005  Seo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  The third eye, Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea
2004  Series-Painting Bernd Slutzky Gallery, Frankfurt,Germany
2003  Gottsucher Jinhung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Series-Painting Inchon Sinsegye Gallery, Inchon, Korea
2002  Sequence Songun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2001  Sequence Darmstadt Kommunalre Galerie,Darmstadt,Germany
1999  Bernd Slutzky Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
1998  Old historical Cityhall, Kronach, Germany
1997  Abbes Gallery, Bad Camberg, Germany
Group Exhibitions
2011  Can! CAN Project 2011 Re:Nature, Space CAN, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2009  Emotional Drawing ,Soma museum, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Walk like a cow, Sinsegye Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Variety - Special exhibition of Art Creation Studio of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, National museum of contemporary art, Korea View Exhibition
  My favorites, Urban-art, Seoul, Korea
  Doors open, Sylvia and Kim art gallery, New York, U.S.A
  Truthful lie, Jaha museum
2008  Sensitivity and sense Urban-art, Seoul, Korea
2007  52th Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge, France
2005  Hub, Goyang studio, Goyang, Korea
2004  Inchon Art Festival, Inchon Art Center, Inchon, Korea
  Charlotte-Prinz zu Ehren, Kunst Archiv Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  Red Heaven, Chang dong studio, Seoul, Korea
  Sketch Demain Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Town bus11 New town exhibition, Ilsan, Korea
2003  Songun Art Prize, Gongpeong Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2002  Daegu biennale, Daegu Art Center, Daegu, Korea
2001  Die eleganste Art nass zu werden, 2 Menshow with Anne Karminsky
1999  Master exhibition, Staedelschule, Frankfurt, Germany
1998  Stuttgart-Salem, Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany
1997  2 Men Show with Anne Karminsky, Bernd Slutzky, Frankfurt, Germany
2006  Cite internationale des Arts Residency Program - Samsung Culture Foundation, Paris, France
2004  National Goyang Art Studio Residency Program, Goyang, Korea
2002  Charlotte-Prinz Residency Program, Darmstadt, Germany
2008  Songun Art Prize,Seoul,Korea
2007  Jeune Creation 2007 ,exhibition's selection,Paris,France
  52th Salon de Montrouge Prize, Montrouge,France
2002  Songun Art Prize,Seoul,Korea
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