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Sunghun Kong

Sunghun Kong

1965 (b. Incheon )

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A Painting, Seoul National University
Genre painting, installation, media
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  • A Dog

  • Camera Obscura

  • Blind-work, installation view 5

  • Globalization and Nationalism

  • Art is Expensive

Artist Profiles

1994 M.F.A Painting, Seoul National University
1991 B.E Electronics, Seoul National University of Technology
1987 B.F.A Painting, Seoul National University
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Winter Trip, Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  Winter Landscape, ArtForum NewGate, Seoul View Exhibition
  Kong, Sung-Hun, Arirang Gallery, Busan
2008  Neighboring Nature, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul View Exhibition
2007  Suburbs, Leisure, ArtForum NewGate, Seoul View Exhibition
2005  A Night at Byukje, ArtForum NewGate, Seoul
2004  A Night at Byukje, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju View Exhibition
2003  A Night at Byukje, Kim.Jinhye Gallery , Seoul View Exhibition
  A Night at Byukje, Myart Gallery, Seoul
2002  Night View around My Home, Aktions Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2001  A Night at Byukje, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2000  Dogs, Night, Gallery Wooduk, Seoul View Exhibition
1997  Fluttering My Feet, Kumho Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
1993  The Project for Perfect Reality and Flatness, Koart Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
1991  Blind-Work, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul & Mo Ran Open-air Museum, Nam-Yangju View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2010  30th Anniversary of the Young Korean Artists, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
2009  Blue Dot Asia 2009, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  Ryu, Yong-Moon and Kong, Sung-Hun, TJH Gallery, Seoul
  Jiri Mountain, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju & Busan
  My Way, My Works, Vit Gallery, Seoul
  Peppermint Candy, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
2008  A Trio in Late Autumn, ArtForum NewGate, Seoul
  High Light-The Message of Light: Kong Sung-Hun, Han Young-Ho, UNC Gallery, Seoul
  Ancient Futures, NamSeoul Annex Building of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Pre Yangpyeong Eco Art Festival 2008, MANAS Art Center, Yangpyoung
  Contemporary Kaleidoscope: Art in Korea Today, Central House of Artist, Moscow
2007  Giants of Illusion, Sejong Center, Seoul
  Contemporary Art from Korea : Peppermint Candy, Santiago Modern Art Museum, Chile
  KIAF 2007 Korea International Art Fair, KOEX, Seoul
  FAST BREAK, PKM Gallery Beijing, Beijing, China
2006  KIAF 2006 Korea International Art Fair, KOEX, Seoul
  Juan Media Festival, Juan Station Square, Inchoen
  Busan Biennale 2006 Cafe 1, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan View Exhibition
2005  The Seoul Art Exhibition 2005-Painting, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  The Window toward 21st Century : Incheon Art, Incheon Multiculture & Arts Center, Incheon
  Blue, Gana Art Center, Seoul
  Night View : from Sunset to Sunrise, Ansan Culture and Arts Center & Daegu Culture and Arts
2004  Reality Check : the early movement of Technology Art in Korea, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon
  Life Landscape, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2003  PLS, Be quiet..II, Gallery Sang, Seoul
  Cyber Asia-Media Art in the Near Future, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art,
2002  The Dog, Sabina Museum, Seoul
  Not So Smooth: Midori Mitamura x Sung-Hun Kong, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
  Bodyscape, Rodin Gallery, Seoul
  Gwangju Biennale 2002 : Project 1, Gwangju Biennale Hall, Gwangju
2001  This Year's Artists Recommended by Editors of Newspapers, Gallery La Mer, Seoul
2000  Contemporary Art of Korea : The Expression of the Age-Eyes and Hands,
1999  Blasphemy, Total Art Museum, Seoul
  1999 Seoul Grand Photography Exhibition : The Photograph Looks at Us,
  Art & Film : Projection & Reflection, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan
  Art Works with Photography, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon
  Phobia, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul
1998  Body in Painting, Hanlim Museum, Daejeon
  The Visual Extension of Photographic Image, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
1997  '97 Gwangju Biennale Special Exhibition : Gwangju Aperto, Gwangju City Museum, Gwangju
1996  Museum City Tenjin : Photosynthesis, Fukuoka, Japan
  Seoul in Media : 1988-2002, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  The New Generational Tendency in Korean Contemporary Art : Technology vs anti-Technology,
  '96 MANIF SEOUL, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul View Exhibition
1995  Fusing Cement in Art, Sungkok Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
  Bone, Instant Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  Sprout, Sunjae Art Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
  Art, Convention, Reflection, Kemho Museum, Seoul
1994  This kind of Arts Ⅱ- Nostalgia, Kumho Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  Paying Attention to this Artist, Donga Gallery, Seoul & Incheon
  Technology, Information and Environment, Expo Science Park, Daejeon
1993  Realité Seoul, Forum Gallery & Godo Gallery, Seoul
  LOGOS & PATHOS, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
1992  Groping Youth '92, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwacheon
  Science + Art, KOEX, Seoul
  Art and Photography, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  Garden of Hypothesis, Kumho Museum, Seoul
1991  Installation by Two Artists, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
  Winter Open-air Installation at Daesung-ri by 115 Artists
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