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Dongi Lee

Dongi Lee

1967 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A., Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
Genre painting
Member Gallery Gallery 2
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Lee Dongki addresses nature of popularity in Pop art and its mechanism through giving birth to a character he named, Atomouse, which is a makeup word with two names, Atom from Japanese animation and Mickey Mouse from Disney’s. Atomouse with friendly image of popular characters gazes us who are with psychological anxiety and void of spirit. Representing harsh lives in the form of cartoon, the artist creates artistic conflict between fiction and the reality as well as between heaviness and lightness. Recently, the artist has shown works that are synthesis of Atomouse and abstract painting. It is said that overlapping pop images and abstract art by making lines that divide his picture plane was by the influence from American artist, David Salle(1952~). The artist continues to develop the works through ‘convergence of alien elements of fragmented images.’

  • Bubbles

  • Atomaus Eating Noodles

  • Atomaus

  • Atomaus-Crucifixion

  • Don't Look Back in Anger

Artist Profiles

1995 M.F.A., Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
1990 B.F.A., Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2013  Don't Look Back in Anger, Songwon Artcenter, Seoul View Exhibition
2012  Garden of Uncertainty View Exhibition
2011  Role Playing Game, Lotte Gallery, Korea
2010  Bittersweet, Gallery2, Korea View Exhibition
2009  Double Vision, Galerie Michael Suhultz Berlin, Germany
2008  Bubbles, Gallery 2, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Lee Dongi Solo Exhibition, Keumsan Gallery Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
  Bubbles, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  Double Vision, Gallery 2, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2007  Atomaus vs Panda Sonokong, Gallery Mook of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2006  Smoking, One and J Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003  Crash, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2002  solo exhibition, Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2001  The Adventures of Atomaus, Gallery Dong Dong, Seoul, Korea
1999  Money Honey, Seonam Art Center, Seoul/ Gallery Grimsi, Suwon/ Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon, Korea
1998  Underworld, Kaywon Gallery27, Uiwang, Korea
1995  Man & Woman 1988-1995, Gallerie de Seoul, Seoul, Korea
  Program, Hongik University Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1993  1st solo exhibition, Gallery On, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2012  Love between Dog and Human, ArtsideGallery, Seoul, korea
  Art in Schollbook, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul
  Future Pass, National Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung
  High Times, Hard Times, Interalia, Seoul, Korea
2011  Future Pass, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italia
  Henkel Innoart Project, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea
2010  Artists Production, SeMa NamSeoul Annex, Korea
  Made in Popland, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
  pop art, Organization of Gimhae Arts and Sports Center, Gimhae, Korea
2009  Pieces of my Puzzle, Kunsthalle Rostock, Rostock, Germany
  Logic of Sensibility, Interalia, Seoul, Korea
  ANIMAMIX Biennial, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
  MUSEUM2,Korea art gallery, Busan,Korea
  ANIMAMIX Biennial, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2008  The World of Expression, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
  Art and capital, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea
  Beyond Cartoon: Asian Contemporary Art Group Show, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China
  B Side, doART SEOUL, Seoul, Korea
2007  3L4D-3RD Life 4th Dimension, Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
  ANIMANGA, la Maison des Arts de Creteil, Paris, France
  Contemporary Korean Art: Wonderland, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
2006  The Power of Imagination, Korea University Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Fiction@Love, MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China
  The Originals, Neo-Aesthetics of Animamix: 2nd Annual Chinese International Cartoonand Animation Festival, Hangzhou, China
2005  Art from North and South Korea, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  Animate, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea/ Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
  The Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide, Austrailia
  Encounters with Modernism, National Museum of Art Deoksugung, Seoul, Korea
  Phacked/ Unpacked II: Alice in My Heart, Ssamzie Art Warehouse, Paju, Korea
2004  New Collection, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
  Beauty & the Beast, Marronnier Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  Fiction@Love: Ultra New Vision of Contemporary Art, MoCA Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
  Time Travel with Art Works, Leeum, Seoul, Korea
2003  Five, Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea
  Comics in Art, Art in Comics, Ewha Womans University Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Taegukki, Kyungin Museum of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea
  Naming Card, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea
2002  Coming to Our House, Darling Art Foundation, Seoul, Korea
  11 & 11 Contemporary Art in Korea and Japan 2002, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  East of Yellow Sea, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China
2001  Representation of the Representation, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Trace & Atomaus, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  ArtSpectrum 2001, Ho-Am Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2000  Enfant Terrible, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea
  T-Shirts, Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea
  Media City Seoul 2000: Subway Project, Ulchiro-3ga Subway Station, Seoul, Korea
  Expression of the Time: Eyes and Hands, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  Con-Temporary, Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
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