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1972 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul,Duesseldorf
Academic ability Kunsthochschule für Medien koeln (Postgraduate) von Prof. Zielinski and Prof. Jung. Germany
Genre photographic, installation, media
Keyword Media, Relation, Mob, Installation
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  • Habitual Passion

  • Visible City

  • Contingent Rule

  • Human Stream

  • Karaoke Project

Artist Profiles

2005 Kunsthochschule für Medien koeln (Postgraduate) von Prof. Zielinski and Prof. Jung. Germany
2004 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Meister Student by Prof. Jetelova
2004 Akademiebrief Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Germany
2003 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Germany
1997 Hong-ik uni. bachelor of engineering. Seoul. Korea
1997 Bachelor of fine arts in HONG-IK University. Seoul. Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2011  Lead Me To Your Door!, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Superstudio, Milano, Italy View Exhibition
2008  Aside of Audiece, Gana Forum Space. Seoul. Korea View Exhibition
2007  Gallery of CEAAC. Strasbourg. France
  Gallery Ruth Leuchter. Duesseldorf. Germany
  IASK Changdong National Art Studio. Seoul, Korea
2006  Wilhelm Fabry Kunstpreis, Kunstraum of stadt Hilden. Germany
  Wilhelm Lembruck Museum. Duisburg. Germany
2005  Human Stream, Kunstmuseum Bonn. Germany View Exhibition
2004  Gallery Henseleit-Buchholz. Cologne. Germany
  Karaoke project #03, Gallery Schoen. Bochum. Germany
2003  Karaoke project #01. Alternative Space POOL. Seoul. Korea
  Tourist project. Chohung gallery. Seoul. Korea
Group Exhibitions
2011  interSpace : Theater - Relationship of drama characters 1996, Ilwoo Space, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2010  Geometrical Illusion. ILJU&SEONHWA Gallery. Seoul. Korea
  Art@dibrary. National Library of Korea. Korea
  Lip-Sync. Shinsegae Gallery. Seoul. Korea
  Cross over the yellow line. Kyunghyang Gallery. Seoul. Korea
  Digifesta, Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall, Gwangju, Korea View Exhibition
  Song-Eun Art Prize Exhibition, Song-Eun Gallery, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2009  In-Cheon International Digital Art Festival. In-Cheon. Korea
  Song-Eun Art Prize Exhibition. Gana Art Space. Seoul. Korea
  In the flower garden. Sky Art Museum. Seoul. Korea
  The Three. Gallery Imazoo. Seoul. Korea
  Door Open. Silvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery. New York. USA
  Ida Gerhardi Prize Exhibition. Luedenscheid. Germany
  The Medium. Doo-San Art Gallery. Seoul. Korea
  Common Boundary. National Museum of Art. Korea
  Das Universum nebenan. Stiftung Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen. Germany
  In Search for the Sublime. Ie-Young Museum. Korea
  Drama Station Film3.0. Alternative Space Lee. Bucheon. Korea
  Art & Techne. Jeju Museum of Art. Jeju, Korea
  A Dialectical Circulation, Youngeunmuseum. Gwang-ju. Korea
  Another Masterpiece -New Acquisitions. Gyeonggido Museum of Modern Art. Korea
2008  Creation Anatomy, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan. Korea
  5st Seoul International Media Art Biennale. Seoul Museum of art. Korea
  UP-AND-COMERS, Total Museum. Seoul. Korea
  Sight & Point of View, Gallery Royal. Seoul. Korea
  Korea ganz jung, Open art Gallery. Borken. Germany
  Movement & Stability, O-factory art center . Beijing. China
  Busan Biennale (Sea Art Festival 2008). Busan. Korea
  open weekend, Art Omi International Artists Residency. New York. USA
  Seoul international photo festival. Seoul Main Station. Seoul.Korea
  Extended Senses : Present of Korea/Japan Media Art, Alternative space LOOP. Seoul
  Seogyo Sixty 2008: The Battle of Taste’, Gallery SangsangMadang. Seoul. Korea
  Extended Senses : Present of Korea/Japan Media Art, ICC. Tokyo. Japan
  The Fascination for Life, Gallery LVS, Seoul. Korea
2007  1st Soongsil University Digital Media Festival. Seoul. Korea
  Thermocline of Art-New Asian Waves, ZKM. Karlsruhe. Germany
  Propose 7, Kumho Museum, Seoul. Korea View Exhibition
  peach flower, apricot flower Changwon Cityhall. Changwon. Korea
  NOMADE, IASK Changdong National Art Studio. Seoul, Korea
  2007 Science + Art aT Center. Seoul. Korea
  Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam, Korea
2006  2006 heyri pan festival Paju. Korea
  Image Theater, Space *C. Koreana Museum. Seoul. Korea View Exhibition
  Tomorrow,Soma Museum. Seoul. Korea
  2006 Computer Art Prize, Gladbeck. Germany
  dumunbulchul Moran Gallery. Seoul. Korea
  Venceremos, Museum Ostdeutsche Gallery. Regensburg. Germany
  2006 Arts and Playing, Hangaram Museum. Seoul. Korea
2005  Dash off Post Uniform. Arco Museum. Seoul. Korea
  full house. Stiftung Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen. Germany
2004  Duesseldorf Lovells Art Prize. Duesseldorf. Germany
  Die Kulturmeile an der Rhurtalstrasse. Essen. Germany
  Tanzhaus NRW. Dueseldorf. Germany
  Viper 2004. Basel. Schweiz
  Museum hattingen. Hattingen. Germany
  Extention of Man. ZoneChelsea Center for the Arts. New York. USA
  57. Bergische Kunstausstellung. Museum Bad. Solingen. Germany
2003  Hanjun Plaza Gallery. Seoul. Korea
  Wedding, Sunggog Museum, Seoul. Korea
  City_net Asia, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul. Korea
  Projektraum Acker204. Duesseldorf. Germany
  Funny Painting, Funny Sculpture, Sejul Gallery. Seoul. Korea
2002  Moskwa Art symposium. Moskwa. Russland
  Kunstverein. Ettlingen & Schwetzingen. Germany
2010  Seoul Square (SSQ) Media façade. Seoul. Korea
2009  Media-Archive Project. Arko Museum. Korea
  Light Wall (Media façade) Project/ Seoul Museum of Art. Seoul. Korea
2008  Sonic Gage, IWS. Seoul. Korea
  Video as Video: Rewind to Form. Swimming Pool Project Space. Chicago. USA
  Island 649-11, LIG Arthall. Seoul. Korea
2007  National Folk Museum, Seoul. Korea
  The Wind in a Basin, Art in Daegu 2007, Daegu, Korea
2006  CGV Video Festival. Seoul. Korea
2005  D>ART05 Video Festival. Sydney. Australia
  KunstnetzNRW. Guetersloh Stadthalle. Guetersloh. Germany
2003  50th Sydney International Film Festival. Sydney, Australia
  D>ART03 Video Festival. Sydney, Australia
2002  10th Marler Video-Art-Prize Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten. Marl. Germany
  6th Hildesheimer Kurzfilmfest Best Before 2002. Hildesheim. Germany
  2nd. Indievideofestival. Ilju Art House. Seoul. Korea
  10th Blicke aus Ruhrgebiet. Endstation Kino. Bochum. Germany
  19th Kasseler Dokumenta Film & Video Festival. Kassel. Germany
  1st Visual Forum. Wiesmar. Germany
  7th Verdener KurzfilmFestival (FilmSalat7). Verden. Germany
  New talent (FMX/02). Stuttgart. Germany
  Arcipelago 10' Int. Festival of Short Film & New Images. Rome. Italy
2010  Artist in Residence Bag Factory Artists Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa
  Artist in Residence ISCP New York, USA
2008  Artist in Residence Gana Atelier, JangHeung, Korea
  Artist in Residence Art Omi International Artists Residency, New York, USA
2007  Artist in Residence CEAAC, Strassbourg, France
2006  Artist in Residence Changdong Art Studio of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
2005  Artist in Residence Stiftung Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen, Germany
2010  Blickwechsel. NRW Art Project. Coesfeld Kunstverein. Germany
2010  Grant Recipient, Paradise Cultural Foundation, Korea
  Grant Recipient, Gyeong Gi Cultural Foundation, Korea
  Grant Recipient, Art Council Korea, Korea
2009  Song-Eun Arts Award 1st Prize, Song Eun Arts & Cultural Foundation, Korea
  Grant Recipient, GyeongGi Cultural Foundation, Korea
2008  Grant Recipient, Art Council Korea, Korea
2007  Grant Recipient, Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Korea
  Grant Recipient, Art Council Korea, Korea
2006  Grant Recipient, Art Council Korea, Korea
  Computer Art awards 1st Prize, Gladbeck, Germany
2005  Grant Recipient, Art Council Korea, Korea
  Art Award for Media Art, NRW State, Germany
2004  Grant Recipient, Art Council Korea, Korea
  Duesseldorf Lovells Art Awards, Duesseldorf, Germany
  Wilhelm Fabry Art awards 1st Prize, Hilden, Germany
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