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Jinnie Seo

Jinnie Seo

1963 (Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability New York University, NY Master of Fine Arts in Painting
Genre drawing, installation
Keyword Perception, Context, Site, Space, Movement
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Jinny Suh has dealt with bringing two dimensional paintings of dots and lines into spatial installation. From the installations of drawings on papers to the architectural construction with walls and steel structures, her attempts to merge into three dimensional spaces have been various. Lines crossing each other create surface, over laid surfaces create space, and these all together form organic divisions of the exhibition halls. Through such process, the artist conducts detailed, complex interpretations of the architectural spaces, responds to them, and realizes her private space in the public one. Through such relation, the audiences are invited to experience ever changing surfaces and space in which they can form their own meaning of the space.






Artist Profiles

1992 New York University, NY Master of Fine Arts in Painting
1990 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Maine
1986 New York University, NY Bachelor of Arts in Biology
Solo Exhibitions
2010  METAL SOUNDSCAPE, Horim Art Center, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  END OF THE RAINBOW, Mongin Art Center, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  STORM, National Museum of Singapore, Art on Site, Singapore View Exhibition
2007  WANDER WONDER, The Third Floor, the Hermes, Singapore View Exhibition
  IN PASSING, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, the Project Space, Ansan View Exhibition
2006  SPACE IN SPACE, Youngeun Museum, Gwangju View Exhibition
2005  The Substation, Singapore
2004  RED CHAMBER, Brain Factory, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  BLUE BORDERS, Gallery Sagan, Seoul View Exhibition
2001  Garam Gallery, Seoul
  Gallery Hyundai, Window Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2009  Platform in KIMUSA, KIMUSA, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  doART, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
2007  PKM Gallery, Beijing
  Daelim Museum, Seoul
2006  Drawn to Drawing, SOMA Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
  ART SPECTRUM, Leeum Samsung Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
2005  Youngeun 2005 Residency, Youngeun Museum, Gwangju View Exhibition
2004  SPACE(空+間), Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
  Chosun Gallery, Seoul
2003  Gallery Ihn, Seoul
  Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Gallery Sagan, Seoul
  Aljira Contemporary Art Center, NJ
  Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2002  Ace Gallery, NY
  The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, NY
  Asian American Art Center, NY
  Islip Museum, NY
2001  Tribeca Temporary, NY
2010  Djerassi, California
2008  MacDowell Colony, NH
2005  Youngeun Museum the Artist in Residence Program, Gwangju
2004  Triangle Artists’ Workshop, NY
2002  Aljira Emerge, New Jersey
2001  Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain
  The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Space Program, NY
1999  The Corporation of Yaddo, NY
1998  The Millay Colony of Arts, NY, Reader’s Digest Foundation, NY
1992  The Bronx Museum the Artist in the Market Place Program, NY
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