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Yunhee Toh

Yunhee Toh

1961 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability Visiting Scholar, UniversityofIllinoisatChicago,U.S.A.
Genre painting
Keyword being, hidden, gazing, varnish
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  • Being-Floating

  • Protuberance of Night

  • Being-Floating

  • The Two Silences of Heaven and Earth Were Being Linked

  • Being-Forest

Artist Profiles

1994 Visiting Scholar, UniversityofIllinoisatChicago,U.S.A.
1986 M.F.A. Painting, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul,Korea
1984 B.F.A. Painting,Sungshin Women's University, Seoul,Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2008  Gazing Without Eyes: MONGIN art center, Seoul, Korea
2007  Hidden Beauty: Galerie Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland
2005  Being: Lee Hyun Gallery, Daegu, Korea
  Being: CAIS Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2001  Being-Forest: Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A
1999  Being-Forest: Kumho Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Being-Forest: Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea
1998  Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
  Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A
1996  Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea
1994  Woong Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1993  Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A.
1992  Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
1986  Duson Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  Floating Hours : Moon is the Oldest Clock : The National Museum of Contemporary Art
  Present From The Past: Korean Cultural centre UK
2008  B – Side: Do Art, Seoul, Korea
  Genesis: “Works by Ariel Ruiz i Altaba and Yun-Hee Toh”
2007  ‘FLOWERS’: Aram Art Center The Goyang Cultural Foundation, Korea
2006  International Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale, Incheon
  Multiculture & Arts Center, Incheon, Korea
  Simply Beautiful: Breath of Nature in Korean Contemporary Art,
  Centre Pasqu’Art, Biel, Switzerland, Le Grand Jardin, Joinville, France
2005  Beyond Repetition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Feng Shui, The 12th Special Exhibition of Sungshin Women's University Museum, Seoul, Korea
2003  Korean Contemporary Art of 21st Century, Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Tradition & Innovation, Koreanische Gegenwartskunst, Museum für Ostasiatische
  Crossing 2003: Korea/Hawaii, Contemporary Museum of Honolulu, Hawaii,
  Standstill Time, Star Tower Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Gana Art Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  Bench Marking Project, Namsan Park, Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea
  Kunst, Berlin, Germany & Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
  A Vague Scene, Yoo Art Space, Seoul, Korea
2002  Invitation of Contemporary Art, Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu, Korea
  Chemical Art, Gallery Sagan, Seoul, Korea
  Speculation of Plant Life, Gallery La Mer, Seoul, Korea
  66 Artists Supporting Contemporary Literature, Gallery La Mer, Seoul, Korea
  The Exhibition of Asian International Art, Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu, Korea
  Spring Story, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2001  Yun-Hee Toh & Seung-Tack Jang, Gallery Sagan, Seoul, Korea
  9 Women Artists Vision & Version, Seoho Art Museum, Namyang, Korea
2000  Art of 2000, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
  Beauty & Women, Bhacksang Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  Autumn Aroma, Gallery Helloart.com, Seoul, Korea
  The Beauty & System, Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea
1999  Revival of the Painting, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  The End of Painting, Gallery Euro, Seoul, Korea
1998  Frame is Better Than Painting, Kumho Museum, Seoul,
  Brushed - Non Brushed, Gallery Sai, Seoul, Korea
  Traveling Art Museum, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
  Version I, CAIS Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Material & Plane, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul,
1997  DOT, Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Beyond Abstract Painting, Gallery Wooduck, Seoul, Korea
  Entasis of Korean Art, Dong Duk Art Museum, Seoul Korea
1996  Art of Korean Image, Aotea Center, New Zealand
  8 Korean Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Continental Gallery,
  MANIF Seoul '96, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  The Present and Future of Korean Art '96, Walkerhill Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  New Painting Spirit - Anti Plane in the Plane, Sung Kok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Artemisia Gallery Member's Show, Artemisia Gallery, Chicago U.S.A.
  PRIX Hwanki Exhibition, Hwanki Museum, Seoul,
  Korean Young Artists, Backsang Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1995  The First Print Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
  DMZ Art Exhibition, Indeco Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Korean Women Artists Festival, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  The 10th Seoul Art Fair, Gallery Woong, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
1994  Seoul - Sapporo Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Young Korean Women Artists Exhibition, Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A.
1992  Contemporary Women Artists of today, Gallery Seoho, Seoul, Korea
  Life – Phenomenon, Midopa Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1991  Asian Contemporary Art, Tokyoto Museum of Art, Japan
1990  55 Women Artists of today, Total Museum of Art, Changheung, Korea
1989  Korean Contemporary Art of Today II, Total Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Asian International Art, Tagawa Museum of Art, Fukuoka Museum of Art, Fukuoka Asian Art Center (Japan), National Museum of Art (Singapore), National Museum of Art (Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur Merdeka Building, Asia Afrika Bandung (Indonesia), National Museum of History (Republic of China), Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea)
1988  ChangJark Fine Art Association Group Exhibition, Korean Culture & Arts
1987  Young Artists of Today, Duson Gallery, Seoul, Korea
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