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Jina Park

Jina Park

1974 (b. Peekskill, New York, USA)

Activity Seoul, Korea
Academic ability M.A, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK
Genre painting
Keyword Oil painting, Daily life,Snapshot,Figurative art
Member Gallery ONE AND J. Gallery
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Park Jinah’s paintings are casual and purposely clumsy depiction of moments in everyday lives. In early days of her artistic carrier, she painted people and movements on several canvases with photograph that she took with LOMO camera, which allowed her to take two or four consecutive images in one frame in order to explore variety in painterly depiction as the setting allows her to present the time difference, various composition of an event. Later, the artist moved on to single canvas work. Quick, bold brush strokes enabled the artist to reveal characteristics and traits of the subjects. Textures by swift strokes in reserved color tone constitutes her serene sensibility rather than detailed voluminous expression.

  • Night Tree

  • The Sands01

  • Island

  • Projector Test(L)

  • Black Bird(Han River)

Artist Profiles

2000 M.A, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK
1997 B.F.A, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University
Solo Exhibitions
2011  Window Gallery, GALLERY HYUNDAI, Seoul View Exhibition
2010  Snaplife, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
2008  Eat, Sleep, Have Visions, One and J. Gallery, Seoul
2007  Excursion, One and J. Gallery, Seoul
2005  Leisure, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul
2002  The Show Insa Art Space Seoul, Korea
  Solo Exhibition Keumsan Gallery Seoul, Korea
2001  I/eye, Mind, the Gap London, UK Mafuji Gallery
Group Exhibitions
2011  Listening to the Heater: Jina Park and Stefan Ettlinger, Galerie Ursula Walbröl, Düsseldorf
  Seekers of the Future of Memories, Gana Art Center, Seoul
2010  Between ONE AND J. Gallery Seoul, Korea
  Hermès Foundation Missulsang(art prize) 2010, Atelier Hermès, Seoul
  Close Encounter Jeju Museum of Art Jeju, Korea
  Nightsight: Jina Park and Peter Gahn, Gallery Korea, Koreanisches Kulturzentrum, Berlin
2009  Suddenly Everything has Changed, Platform in Kimusa, Kimusa, Seoul
  DOUBLE ACT Savina Museum Seoul, Korea
2008  Annual Report: A Year in Exhibitions, Gwangju Biennale 2008, Gwangju
  Trace ONE AND J. Gallery Seoul, Korea
  B-side Do Art Seoul Seoul, Korea
  Best of Discovery ShContemporary2008 Special Exhibition Shanghi, China
  Images and Narratives, Art in Daegu 2008 KT & G Annex Daegu, Korea
  Dazed & Painted Seomi & Tuus Seoul, Korea
  Nanji Art Studio, Seoul Museum of Art Seoul, Korea
2007  Where Euclid Walked Seoul Museum of Art Seoul, Korea
  Something Mr. C Can’t Have KIAF 2007 Special Exhibition Seoul, Korea
  OURSIDE OF Gallery 27, Kaywon School of Art & Design Uisang-si, Korea
  Up-and-Comers Kumho Museum of Art Seoul, Korea
  The Blur Mook Gallery of Contemporary Art Beijing, China
2006  Phenomenological Perception Gallery 175 Seoul, Korea
  Respiration Pre-International Incheon Women Artistis’ Biennale Inchoen, Korea
  2006 Project 001 Yeonhee-dong 195 Seoul, Korea
2005  Works in Progress Gallery Factory Seoul, Korea
2004  Art in Culture Presents -New Face 2004 Duckwon Gallery Seoul, Korea
  My KIMI Art 1, Spirit KIMI Art Seoul, Korea
2003  The Importance of Living in Seoul Ssamzie Space Gallery / Alternative Space LOOP Seoul, Korea
2001  NewBudMuscleStrongRecommed Jungdok Public Library Seoul, Korea
2009  Cite Internationalle des Arts Paris Paris, France
2008  Sungkok Artists of Tommorow 2009
2005  New Artist Trend 2005, Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture
2004  Kumho Young Artist 2004 Seoul, Korea

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