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Atta Kim

Atta Kim

1956 (changwon)

Activity Seoul,New York
Academic ability M.F.A mechanical engineering , Changwon University
Genre photographic
Member Gallery Hakgojae Gallery
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Kim Atta is a photographer who have majored Engineering unlike many other artists and has shown interest in literature and philosophy through his art. The artist has established his unique art also known as ‘image training’ based on Georgii Ivanovich Gurdzhiev(1877~1949), a spiritual leader’s theory that incorporated of Zen idea from the East. In the premise that ‘all beings are bound to disappear,’ the artist thinks, raises questions and philosophize. While examining the harmony between Yin and Yang, perspectives of the society, and mortality of the universe, his art works suggest the time flow that we experience everyday can be visualized. The art that conveys his unique philosophical reasoning has drawn attention from New York art scene and many others in the world.

  • ON-AIR Project 150-4, The China Series, Tiananmen Square in Beijing

  • ON-AIR Project 210-1, The Paris Series, Avenue des Champs-Elysees

  • ON-AIR Project 113, The Monologue of Ice Series, Mao

  • ON-AIR Project 153-1, The Monologue of Ice Series, Parthenon

  • ON-AIR Project 111-5, The Monologue of Ice Series, Imagine

Artist Profiles

0000 M.F.A mechanical engineering , Changwon University
Solo Exhibitions
2009  Atta Kim : ON-AIR, 53rd International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Italy View Exhibition
2008  Atta Kim: ON-AIR, SAMSUNG Rodin Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006  Atta Kim : ON-AIR, International Center of Photography, New York, USA
2001  Atta Kim, The Museum Project, Society for Contemporary Photography, Kansas, USA
Group Exhibitions
2007  Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Asia : Presenting 30 Top Asian Artists, Mandarin Oriental, Miami, USA
2005  Fart Forward : Photographic Message From Korea, Fotografie Forum International, Frankfurt, Germany
2004  FotoFest20, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2003  Point of Time, Gallery Gana Beaubourg, Paris, France
2002  25th Bienal de SaÕ Paulo, Brasilia
2000  Odense Foto Triennale Festival of Light, Odense, Denmark
1999  The Segment of Time, Seonam Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1998  Alienation & Assimilation, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, USA
1997  Legends from Daily Life, Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyeongju, Korea
1996  Photography is Photography, Samsung Photo Gallery, Seoul. Korea
1995  Expressional Medium of Korean, Contemporary Art, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul, Korea
1994  View of Next Generation of Korean Contemporary Art, Seoul Art Center, Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea
1993  The Korean People by Atta Kim, Nikon Salon Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1992  Horizon of Korean Photography, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul, Korea
1991  Horizon of Korean Photography, Total Museum, Seoul, Korea
1990  Father by Atta Kim, Hanmadang Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1988  Child of Nucleus, Pinehill Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1987  psychopath, Yechong Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1986  Monologue, Busan Gallery, Busan, Korea
1985  Man, Hanmadang Gallery, Busan, Korea
2008  The 6th Hachonghyun Art Award, Korea
2007  The 6th Dong-gang Photo Prize, Korea
2003  The 4th Lee Hanam International PhotoFestival-International Photo Prize, Korea
2002  The 1st Hanam International PhotoFestival-International Photo Prize, Korea
1997  Annual Artist’s Prize, Sajinyesul(Photography Art Magazine), Korea
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