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강익중 작품 총8

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Study for ‘Blended with the Wind, Continued to The Earth’


2009, 2010 Shanghai EXPO,China

Multiple / Dialogue∞ (Nam June Paik, Ik-Joong Kang)


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Mountain and Wind

Mixed Media on Wood /155 by 89 feets /2007

Gwang Hwa Moon Gate, Seoul, Korea

Moon of Dream(129,000 Children’s Drawings from 141 Countries)

Mixed Media on Canvas /45 feet diameters /2004

Ho Su Lake, Il San, Korea

Amazed World

34,000 children’s drawings from 135 countries /2001

UN, New York, NY


permanent installation /2000

San Francisco International Airport, CA

Happy Relief, Setagaya Museum


Tokyo, Japan (LA MOCA Collection)
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